Attack on Titan Unveils Eren's Newest (and Sexiest) Figure to Fans

Right now, Attack on Titan is in the headlines for all the right reasons, and we have season four to thank for that. MAPPA brought out the show at last to rave reviews this week, and Eren's journey promises to generate more buzz as the spring rolls in. But if you are a fan of the series, well – you might be hearing about Eren for a very different reason. He has a new collectible coming to the market, and it is almost too sexy to describe. 

The whole thing cropped up online courtesy of Typical Scene Studio. The collectible company specializes in ultra-detailed figures and has dabbled with Attack on Titan in the past. Well, the company is working on a new figure of Eren, and it really leaves little to the imagination.

A draft was released of the company's new figure, and well – you can see it for yourself below. The piece may not be in color here, but fans can imagine what it will look like in the end. After all, the figure just shows Eren lounging in some underwear, and Attack on Titan fans are wondering where this shot was in the manga...!

Clearly, some creative liberties were taken with this design, but fans are loving the mock-up either way. The anime industry isn't afraid to embrace taboo merchandise, and to be honest, this figure of Eren is tame to some figures out there. Typical Scene Studio went to great lengths to make its design anatomically sound, and its detailing takes things up a notch. So if you end up getting one of these collectibles, we can't blame you.

Now, if you want a figure of Eren that's both sexy and canon, this company has just the thing right now. While its upcoming Eren figure has yet to score a release date, Typical Scene Studio has a statue of the hero out now where he is shirtless. The figure adapts the scene where Eren heads out with his rebellion to fight Marley, and you can nab the Attack on Titan figure online for a few hundred dollars if you're savvy.

What do you make of this wild Attack on Titan figure? Does the anime need any other... statues like this? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.