Avatar The Last Airbender Cosplay Imagines Mai's Wedding Look

Avatar The Last Airbender did such an amazing job at exploring the intricacies of the characters that made up the world of bending, that many of them remain fan favorites to this day, as one cosplayer gave us a look into what Mai's wedding attire might have looked like in her "big day" with Zuko. The couple of Mai and Zuko was definitely a beloved one among fans, taking the two sullen characters and deciding to have them shack up where they would eventually rule the Fire Nation side by side following the series' conclusion.

Mai first hit the scene as one of Azula's right hand women, the daughter of a rich member of the Fire Nation who joined in the man hunt for Zuko simply out of bordedom. Being introduced in the second season of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Mai didn't prove herself through her ability to bend fire, earth, water, or air, but rather through her insane marksman skills that had her hurling knives and other weaponry toward the main benders of the series. The relationship between Mai and Zuko flourished over time but fans definitely agree that this pairing makes the most sense of many of the couples that would spring up from the Nickelodeon series.

Instagram Cosplayer HollowQxween shared this amazing cosplay that imagines what Mai might have looked like in her wedding with Zuko within the Fire Nation, giving us an idea

Airbender fans were astonished earlier today when it was confirmed that the sequel series of Legend of Korra would be coming to Netflix, showing us the world that was formed decades following the original journey of Aang and his fellow benders. With the sequel series arriving next month in August, the four seasons of the series will once again elevate this amazing animated world produced by the network of Nickelodeon!

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