Baki: Son of Orge Reveals New Key Visual

Baki is set to return to Netflix next year following the latest adventures of the "Son of Ogre" as he attempts to become stronger than his father, Yujiro Hanma, and the streaming service has unleashed a new key visual for the upcoming season that is being touted as the "climax" of the animated series. This upcoming season won't only feature the long awaited battle between Baki and Yujiro, but will also throw some of the most insane opponents that the protagonist has ever fought against, with one of them just so happening to be an imaginary giant praying mantis!

The creator of Baki, Keisuke Itagaki, has been working on the series for decades now, with over one hundred and thirty chapters of the manga having been released to date. While this upcoming season might be the end of Baki's tenure on Netflix, there is still plenty of material left to adapt into a potential anime series, as the Hanmas' story continues long after this brawl between father and son. The end of the recent season that aired earlier this year hinted at the return of the prisoners that gave Baki and his friends some serious lumps during their fight. With the story line of "Revenge Tokyo" most likely being covered in this season, there's lots to look forward to outside of the battle between Baki and Yujiro!

Netflix shared the new key visual for the next chapter of the Hanmas, Baki: Son of Ogre, via their Official Twitter Account, using art work that was specifically created by Baki's creator, Keisuke Itagaki, in order to hype up fans for the upcoming installment of the fighting anime:

Ironically enough, another big original anime series in Beastars was created by another family member of the Itagaki clan in Paru Itagaki. Though we doubt there would ever be an official crossover between these two franchises, it's amazing to see how creativity can sometimes run in the family!

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