No, Berserk Isn't Getting a Netflix Adaptation

A rumor has been circulating on social media, with many fans believing that Berserk, the dark [...]

A rumor has been circulating on social media, with many fans believing that Berserk, the dark franchise created by Kentaro Miura, will be receiving a movie on the streaming service of Netflix, and while we hate to be the bearers of bad news, this latest report is one hundred percent false. While fans of Guts, Griffith, Casca, and the Band of the Hawk have been waiting to see the anime franchise return to the world of the small screen, they'll definitely have to wait a bit longer to see the Black Swordsman pick up the Dragon Slayer once again.

The last time fans saw Berserk brought to the world of anime was in 2017, when the second, and seemingly final, season of the series aired. Wrought with controversy over Studio GEMBA's decision to portray the world of the Band of the Hawk using a combination of two-dimensional animation and computer-generated animation, the series never managed to strike a chord among fans and it doesn't seem as if this take will be continued any time soon. However, the manga has continued telling Miura's dark tale and it seems as if Guts has finally entered the "end game" of the franchise as revealed in the series' latest chapters.

The rumors began thanks to this amazing image created by Instagram User Guts CG, which many believed was in fact a poster for an upcoming Berserk short film to be aired on Netflix later this year, but the User made it clear in the description that "this is a joke" and there were no plans for the streaming service to depict the Band of the Hawk:

While there hasn't been any official confirmation as of yet regarding Berserk's return to the world of anime, a project hitting Netflix based on Kentaro Miura's work isn't as crazy as one might think. The creators behind the Castlevania animated series, which recently came to a close with its fourth and finale season, haven't been shy about their desire to depict the world of the Band of the Hawk, with the vampire sister of Carmilla, Striga, actually wearing armor that seemed insanely familiar with the suit that Guts wears in the series, the Berserker Armor.

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