Black Clover Finally Reveals Noelle's True Feelings for Asta

Black Clover finally revealed Noelle Silva's true feelings for Asta with the newest chapter of the series! The fights against the devils of the underworld have reached a new fever pitch in the Spade Kingdom, and Noelle has been especially struggling as she was left the only one standing in the fight against Megicula. Making matters worse, she drained the last of her Saint Stage power but refused to give up as she remembered how Asta fought in very much the same way. The previous chapter then brought the two closer when he swooped in at the last minute to save her.

The previous chapter of the series revealed the best Noelle and Asta moment yet as Noelle couldn't help but form tears in her eyes as she saw Asta save her just in time, but the newest chapter of the series actually tops this as Noelle realizes for herself what fans of the series had expected all along. She came to grips with her true feelings for Asta, and those true feelings were of love. Noelle realizes she truly loves Asta.

Chapter 301 of the series sees Noelle collect herself after Asta saved Lolopechka from Megicula's self-destruction spell. But after this save, Asta admits that due to the damage on his body and lack of strength from using Devil Union before, he's "completely useless" and puts all of his trust in Noelle to end the fight. Noelle herself knows that Asta put everything on the line to come help him, and realizes that just thinking about Asta gives her the strength to go on.

Noelle then figures out that she has been explaining it away, but she knows her feelings to be true. At a time like this, she realizes she loves Asta but can't do anything about it now. With Megicula right in front of her and Asta out of commission, for now she's going to give it her all in killing the devil once and for all. But now it's exciting to see what Noelle will do about her feelings for Asta when all of this is over.

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