Naruto Teases Kawaki's New Ninja Journey

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is teasing Kawaki taking the first steps on a new ninja journey with the newest episode of the series! The anime is now making its way through a series of original story arcs following the fight with Isshiki Otsutsuki, and kicked things off with a new set of Chunin Exams to help bolster the Hidden Leaf Village's forces for any potential future threats. One of the more interesting threads that has sparked as a result was that Kawaki was one of those who had been watching the final tournament unfold. 

The Chunin Exam finals showcased some of the biggest matches among the young Genin, and while Kawaki seemed like he was disinterested in the entire endeavor, it seems that some of the young ninja's efforts were enough to break through his tough skin. Kawaki revealed that he is interested in starting his own ninja journey and becoming a proper Genin in the future. Seeing as how Kawaki has been letting his guard down the longer he's been with the Uzumaki family, this is a huge new step in the right direction. 

Episode 226 of the series ends the Chunin Exams and crowns the next series of Chunin promotions following the winners being announced. Kawaki seems like he is disinterested once more (but still manages to catch Shinki of the Sand Village's eye), but Naruto talks to him towards the end of the episode. He's the one who had Kawaki watch in the first place, and wanted to see how Kawaki had felt about what he saw. Kawaki reveals that he felt uncomfortable after seeing them fight so desperately with the fact they don't want to win or lose, and seems like he's brushing it all off at first. 

But it's after this that he opens up even further as Kawaki then says it might not be so bad starting things off as a proper Genin, and this definitely gets Naruto's attention. With the anime exploring new stories not seen in the manga, Kawaki potentially starting his own ninja missions and joining a proper team could be a way to help flesh out his early journey as a member of the Hidden Leaf Village and spark something bigger for the future. 

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