Boruto Writer Comments on Their Impending Exit and Kishimoto's Return

It seems a new era is about to dawn for Boruto Uzumaki and his team. The gang has been busy for years now thanks to the anime and manga. Team 7 will be tasked with new adventures soon thanks to Masashi Kishimoto as the creator of Naruto is planning to take over Boruto at last. And in a new post, the current writer of Boruto is thanking fans for supporting him while he was around.

The statement came on Twitter as Ukyo Kodachi shared the news with fans. The writer shared a post confirming his tenure with Boruto is coming to an end, and he is thankful to everyone who supported him.

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(Photo: Shueisha)

"And so, the baton of Boruto has finally been returned to Kishimoto-sensei and Ikemoto-sensei! Please give your warm support to Boruto on his journey from henceforth as well. I will be looking forward to it together with our readers from now on," Kodachi wrote. (via Abdul_S17).

Continuing, the writer said they only have happy memories about Boruto, and they are grateful to have taken part in the sequel for so long.

"Looking back, I have so many happy memories! I've helped with the script of the Boruto movie and was tasked to write 13 volumes of the comics. I'm also extremely grateful that the anime has received international acclaim."


Clearly, Kodachi has nothing but love for Boruto, and he is excited to see where the series goes next. Kishimoto is now taking over script duties on the manga, so his stories will eventually be filtered into the anime. The show has yet to tackle juicy content from the manga but promises to dive into its Kara arc before long. With Kishimoto overseeing the series, fans of the original Naruto series are thrilled to have the creator back, and they're sending Kodachi well wishes as he finds his next project.

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