Boruto Shares New Info on the Ten-Tails

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations continues to build on the mysteries of Kara with each new chapter of the series, and one of the major revelations in previous chapters was that Jigen had ties to the Otsutsuki Clan and was seemingly breeding a new version of the Ten-Tailed beast. Now that the fight against Kara is heating up, and the mysterious Amado is now offering new information as to what the group is up to, the latest chapter of the series checks in on this new beast and actually reveals what it's new purpose is going to be.

As Amado offers Naruto new information on Kara in exchange for the protection of the Hidden Leaf Village, he confirms that Jigen and Kara have ties to the Otsutsuki Clan. They want to summon a chakra fruit to drain the Earth of its power, and thus are planning to use the Ten-Tails as a seed to do so.

Amado explains that the Otsutsuki are really parasites from another planet who travel from planet to planet in order to devour their energies. They do so by using the Ten-Tails as a seedling to plant in the ground, and from it grows a divine tree. After absorbing the life energy on the planet, the tree bears a chakra fruit full of genetic and evolutionary information about the series. Devouring this is how the Clan evolves.

Hearing Amado lay all of this out must be familiar to fans of Masashi Kishimoto's original Naruto series. That series also had a Ten-Tailed Beast and divine tree of its own, but now in the sequel it's clear that these two are truly connected. Although Amado knows all of this information, he unfortunately does not know the origin of this new beast.


He confirms that it indeed is a different one than Naruto fought years ago, but does not know how Jigen got a hold of it. But considering that Kara has indeed been working towards this point with the Otsutsuki Clan, it's clear that they will soon be using this beast to form a new tree and destroy the planet. Now it's only a matter of when they'll decide to do so.

How do you feel about seeing the new Ten-Tailed Beast in Boruto? Did you guess that it was going to be used in this way? When do you think the beast will enter the picture? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!