Boruto Kicks Off Naruto and Delta Fight in New Episode: Watch

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has officially kicked off the highly anticipated fight between [...]

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has officially kicked off the highly anticipated fight between Naruto Uzumaki and Delta with the newest episode! Now that the anime has returned to directly adapting material from the original manga release with its newest Kawaki focused arc, one of the huge fights fans had been excited to see play out in the anime was between Naruto and Delta. Not only was the fight Naruto's first real clash against a member of Kara, but Delta's arrival in the Hidden Leaf Village is the first in a line of awesome battles.

The previous episode of the series teased this fight with Delta invading the Hidden Leaf Village and appearing directly in front of Naruto and the others, and now the fight between the two of them has officially kicked off as Delta is trying to get Kawaki back and Naruto is doing everything in his power to stop her and even potentially learn more about what Kara wants and what they are capable of.

Episode 198 of the series revealed how Naruto is the perfect person to fight against Delta. It's revealed that Delta has the same kind of scientific ninja tool enhanced body as Kawaki does, but hers is far more deadly as she has gotten even more upgrades. She manages to injure Naruto, but soon it becomes clear that there's a much bigger gap between the two than Delta might have realized.

As Delta notes, Naruto's power and quick healing body makes him a monster just like her, but what's going to separate them is that Naruto technically has a major weakness that Delta doesn't. Naruto's also fighting to protect his family (as he includes Kawaki among that), and Delta takes advantage of that to stunning results by episode's end. So while the fight between the two has begun, it's going to be tough for Naruto to actually bring it to an end.

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