New BTS Mobile Game, BTS Universe Story, Debuts Teaser Site

BTS is one of the hottest boy bands today, having taken the world by storm with tours, albums, merchandise, and appearances on television, and it seems as if the boys of the band will be invading the world of video games as a new teaser site has launched in preparation of their newest mobile game, BTS Universe Story. This wouldn't be the first time that we've seen a video game based on the boy band, as BTS World was released last year for different mobile devices that followed a "light novel" structure for fans to dive into, along with the rhythm game of Superstar BTS!

Netmarble, the developer's of the game, revealed a press release that dives into this new mobile world for fans of the popular South Korean boy band in BTS Universe Story, as well as an brief interview with the company's Executive Producer in Young-Jae Park:

BTS Mobile Game
(Photo: Getty)

"Netmarble has revealed the teaser site for BTS Universe Story, its highly-anticipated new mobile game based on BTS IP. The game is the second collaboration between Netmarble and the global superstars, following the global success of the BTS WORLD mobile game that launched in June 2019.

The teaser site for BTS Universe Story gives players a sneak peek of the new game, sharing concept art for its BTS characters created in the likeness of the members of BTS, as well as cinematic video and some early details on its features. The release date for BTS Universe Story will be announced at a later date.

BTS Universe Story will bring fresh, all-new content to players and allow them to enjoy the story of BTS in a variety of ways” said Young-Jae Park, Executive Producer of Netmarble. “We’re excited for players to see the game and will continue to share more information leading into its release though exclusive video content and various events.”


BTS has gone on record regarding their love of video games, including the likes of Overwatch, League of Legends, Starcraft, and Maple Story to name a few. With their continuing popularity in the world, we would imagine that BTS has a few more games that will be released in the future, whether for the mobile devices or consoles!

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