Bleach Creator Was Very Involved with Burn The Witch's Anime Production

Bleach creator Tite Kubo was very involved with the theatrical anime adaptation of his newest series, Burn The Witch. After releasing a one-shot back in 2018, it was soon revealed that it was such a hit with the editors at Shueisha that they approach Kubo about turning it into a long enough series to adapt into a theatrical anime film. Following the successful release of the film in Japan, Kubo recently opened up about the production behind film and corresponding limited series. As it turns out, the creator was very involved throughout the entire process.

In a recent interview with Comic Natalie (as broken down by Arturo-Plateado on Reddit), Kubo opened up about how involved he has been with the process. As it turns out, he's been on the ground floor for the theatrical adaptation and even went as far as picking the director, voice actors, and many more critical choices to bring Burn The Witch to life.

As Kubo details in the interview, he wanted the director for the film to be someone young and relatively unknown. He chose Tatsuro Kawano because of the director's previous work with Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, and was relieved to find that the director could produce a softer style for Burn The Witch's adaptation.

Kubo revealed he was approached for the adaptation right after the original one-shot was released back in 2018, and working with Kawano meant he had very few requests to change things for the anime outside of a few design corrections. He was even happy with some of the changes the adaptation made to the limited series.


He revealed he was personally involved with selecting the voice cast for the film, and even gave the cast tips as he sat in during the recording process. Going further, Kubo even selected the theme song for the film. As it's been made clear, Kubo was completely involved in each step of the adaptation process and it's notable because he was also developing the limited series at the same time.

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