Cowboy Bebop Anime Gets a New Wave of Funko Pops


The iconic 1998 anime series Cowboy Bebop hasn't had a proper Funko Pop release since 2018 when and Edward and Ein Pop and Buddy dropped alongside Vicious in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the show. Netflix's 2021 live action series served up another opportunity for Funko, but that was squandered with its untimely demise. However, with the 25th anniversary coming up in 2023, Funko is getting back into the Cowboy Bebop game with a generous wave of new Pops that include the following:


If you want to check out the classic anime for yourself, you can now find Cowboy Bebop streaming on Netflix. It's officially described as follows: "The Bebop crew is just trying to make a buck. This motley lot of intergalactic loners teams up to track down fugitives and turn them in for cold hard cash. Spike is a hero whose cool façade hides a dark and deadly past. The pilot Jet is a bruiser of a brute who can't wait to collect the next bounty. Faye Valentine is a femme fatale prone to breaking hearts and separating fools from their money. Along for the ride are the brilliant, but weird, hacker Ed and a super-genius Welsh Corgi named Ein."

You can keep tabs on the latest and greatest Funko Pop releases right here. Some recent headlines include: