Demon Slayer Really Outdid Itself with Tanjiro's Best Fight Yet

The Entertainment District Arc has brought Tanjiro face-to-face with one of Muzan's strongest lieutenants, the top-tier demon known as Daki. With Ufotable continuing to adapt the story of Demon Slayer from the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump, season two is pulling out all the stops as Tengen Uzui seeks to free his three wives and the young members of the Demon Slayer Corps attempt to survive the experience with their lives. Following the tale of the Mugen Train, it's clear this new storyline isn't pulling any punches. 

Ufotable has been no slouch when it comes to capturing the dynamic action that was first brought to life via Koyoharu Gotouge's manga in the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump, but this latest episode truly showed off the skill of the animation house. With Daki killing a number of innocent people as she sensed the presence of Tengen Uzui nearby, Tanjiro couldn't hold back his rage and used it to once again dive into the art of fire breathing, almost managing to kill the top-tier demon as a result. Unfortunately for the Shonen protagonist, he was unable to land a killing blow and was nearly killed if not for the last minute save from his sister Nezuko. With the episode coming to a close as Nezuko unveils her full demonic ability, it seems that the fight for Daki is far from finished.

(Photo: Ufotable)

Ufotable's animation has helped Demon Slayer become one of the biggest anime franchises in the world, with the series' first film, Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, becoming the biggest anime movie in the world and pulling in massive profits in theaters around the globe. It might come as a shock to many fans that the manga series has already brought the story of Tanjiro and friends to a close, leaving many to wonder how much more gas in the tank there is for Ufotable.

The Entertainment District Arc is ramping up the action with the wild fight against Daki, and rest assured, the battle is far from over and there might just be some other threats waiting around the corner for Tanjiro, Uzui, and his friends as the second season of Demon Slayer continues.

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