Dora the Explorer Channels JoJo's Bizarre Adventure in This Viral Comic

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has plenty of heroes under its control, and a good number of them come with Stands. Ever since the supernatural entities were introduced to the franchise, fans have created their own Stands for other shows on the air. Of course, that means some weird combinations have come to life, and it turns out one fan decided it was time for Nickelodeon to add a Stand to its most famous explorer.

Over on Reddit, the user Heynuhhh posted a piece of artwork they did for JoJo. It was there they crossed over the anime with Dora the Explorer, and the mash-up works pretty perfectly.

As you can see below, the JoJo comic begins with a Stand user known as Swiper. The foxy man is based on the character of the same name from Dora the Explorer. It turns out that Dora has been looking for Swiper to fight, and the girl came to fight.

[Fanart] Dora but in JoJo style, made Boots a stand from r/StardustCrusaders

After all, she did bring her Stand with her. The ever-lovable Boots has been turned into a Stand in this crossover, and he helps Dora defeat Swiper in battle.

How do the two take him down? It turns out their combined voices chanting "Swiper no swiping" is enough to turn the JoJo baddie batty. When Dora and Boots begin yelling at the villain, Swiper begins to panic as he puts his hands on his face. The only thing left for Boots to do is take a jab at Swiper, and well - we know what the Stand will cry out with each hit...



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