Dragon Ball Cosplay Highlights Bulma's Most Motherly Look

One creative Dragon Ball Super cosplay highlights Bulma's most motherly look! Out of all of the characters introduced in Akira Toriyama's massive Dragon Ball franchise, one of the characters that remains the most interesting overall has been Bulma. Introduced as the deutoragonist of the series that sets Goku's entire journey in motion, Bulma's played a key role in many of the series' events despite taking a backseat when all of the fights started to increase in power and scale. In fact, her role as a mother later on in the series ended up being crucial to how things unfolded.

But while Dragon Ball Z skipped over many of the early parts of Bulma's motherhood journey with Trunks, Dragon Ball Super took a much different approach with her time with Bra as it allowed Bulma to comfortably live out her pregnancy and even came with some pretty hilarious moments from Vegeta as well before the series' Tournament of Power arc. This was a much different Bulma than seen before, and it's this Bulma that was brought to life through some pretty creative cosplay from a mother to be as well. Artist @leiracosplays on Instagram brought this look to life, and you can check it out below:

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Funny enough, Bulma also played a crucial role even in this late moment of the series as well. Vegeta had initially refused to join the fight for the upcoming Tournament of Power because Bulma was about to give birth, and Whis revealed that Angels actually had the power to make this happen instantly and painlessly. With this ability, it also served to tease what else the Angels could really do.

Not only that, but once Bulma gave birth Vegeta allowed himself to join the Tournament of Power (before enjoying some of his time as a father). Further emphasizing her crucial role in the franchise, she even gets the final words for the seventh universe as she bid Vegeta and the others good luck before their big fight in the tournament.

Bulma continues to play a role in the series even to this day with the newest chapter of the series, and now it remains to be seen how much she'll influence the events to come! What do you think? How do you like Bulma's role in the franchise to even the current arc of Dragon Ball Super? Let us know all of your Bulma thoughts in the comments!