Dragon Ball Cosplay Fuses Spider-Man And Saiyans

Dragon Ball's Z-Fighters have found themselves dragged into anime crossovers in the past, facing the Straw Hat Pirates in an anime special and countless Shonen fighters in the video game Jump Festa, but they have yet to officially jump into the Marvel Universe. Now, one cosplayer has given the superhero who gained his powers from a radioactive spider bite, Spider-Man, a makeover by seeing what Peter Parker might have looked like had he been born on the Planet Vegeta instead of Queens.     

The most recognizable Saiyan armor is most likely worn by the Prince of the Saiyans, Vegeta, as the former villain has been a part of the Shonen series since he first debuted in the early episodes of Dragon Ball Z. While the father of Trunks has changed his look from time to time, he routinely will return to wearing Saiyan armor that has evolved over time, as was the case during recent Dragon Ball Super Arcs such as the Tournament of Power, Moro, and Granolah The Survivor Arcs. If the Saiyan Prince somehow found himself facing down everyone's favorite wall-crawler, it would be a relatively one-sided fight thanks to Vegeta's radical power level.

Friendly Neighborhood Saiyan 

Instagram Cosplayer Spidey Wu took the opportunity to imagine if Peter Parker had landed on Earth as a member of the Saiyan race rather than being raised in Queens by his kindly relatives in Aunt May and Uncle Ben:

(Photo: Spidey Wu)

As mentioned earlier, Spider-Man being able to fight one-on-one with any of the Saiyans, even lower-level brawlers, might be one-sided when all is said and done. Luckily, there have been some wildly powered versions of the web-slinger introduced over the years that might ultimately stand a chance, including Cosmic Spider-Man and even a Spider-Man who briefly could access the power of the Phoenix Force. While Spider-Man has yet to receive his own anime adaptation, a new manga series that will hit the stands from Viz Media is headed to retailers in 2023.

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