Dragon Ball Collectors Resurface After New Gohan Funko Pops Up Online

There is perhaps no more beloved moment in the franchise of Dragon Ball Z than when Gohan tapped [...]

There is perhaps no more beloved moment in the franchise of Dragon Ball Z than when Gohan tapped into his anger and transformed into a Super Saiyan 2 against Cell, and fans are recollecting this moment through a discovered Funko Pop that perfectly captures the emotional moment. Since gaining this level, Gohan has continued to improve and has recently been a huge help to his friends within the Z Fighter roster during the Tournament of Power, regaining his strength that he was able to achieve during the Buu Saga in his "Mystic form".

Gohan has always been an interesting character among the roster of the Z Fighters, leaning far more into attempting to become a scholar than a warrior like his father. Prior to the Tournament of Power arc however, the son of Goku realized that he needed to become as powerful as he once was in order to protect his family in Videl and their daughter Pan. In training with his father figure, Piccolo, Gohan once again was able to access his "Ultimate form" and became an essential part of the Universe 7 team in the final arc of the anime. Though Gohan has reached new levels of power since he was a teenager, we don't think any moment will ever surpass his battle against Cell.

Twitter User SerlentPops shared this first look at an upcoming exclusive Funko Pop that will seemingly be available at Gamestop, giving us a new interpretation

The Dragon Ball franchise has definitely been one of the highest selling properties within the wildly successful figure line known as Funko Pops, giving nearly every character a model of their own to add to any Akira Toriyama fan's collection. Though there have been Funkos that depicted Gohan at various times in his life, this is sure to be a classic among collectors considering it captures one of the most pivotal moments in the life of one of the most beloved characters in the Dragon Ball franchise.

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