Dragon Ball Super Art Gives New Take on Gogeta vs Broly

Dragon Ball fans know their favorite fights like the back of their hands. Whether it stars Goku or even Trunks, there are plenty of battles out there worth stanning. Of course, one of the anime's most recent fights remains a strong favorite with fans, and it just got a gorgeous makeover from a talented fan-artist.

Over on Twitter, the user ruto830 got fans buzzing when they shared their take on Gogeta's recent fight with Broly. The two clashed head-on at the end of Dragon Ball Super: Broly after the Legendary Super Saiyan was egged into a rage. The fight is a favorite with fans, and it turns out this artist has a different take on the shebang.

As you can see below, the fan-art imagines the epic fight from Broly's perspective. The hulking fighter is shown thrown back by Gogeta in this shot, and the Super Saiyan Blue hero is not giving any mercy. After all, the fused fighter is laying out Broly with all of his power, and Broly looks like he's suffering big time.

Of course, this art doesn't seem to show Broly in his strongest form. The Saiyan is strongest once he goes Super Saiyan, and that form envelops the man is a bright green-yellow light. This so-called Berserk form is what prompted Dragon Ball to call Broly a legend back in the day. The debut of Dragon Ball Super: Broly only solidified that status, but it's important to remember one thing. Gogeta is no pushover, and that goes doubly so when he has gone Super Saiyan Blue.

What do you think of this reimagined take on Gogeta vs Broly? Do you want to see the fighters team up the next time they meet? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!