Dragon Ball Super Teases One Villain's Homecoming Trauma

Dragon Ball Super teases one villain's homecoming trauma with an early preview for the next [...]

Dragon Ball Super teases one villain's homecoming trauma with an early preview for the next chapter of the series! Granolah the Survivor will be continuing with a new entry in just a matter of days from the time of this writing, and Dragon Ball Super has celebrated by giving fans an early look at what to expect from Chapter 72 of the series. Releasing the rough drafts of the first few pages of the chapter on their official website, Dragon Ball Super is teasing how it'll be when Goku and Vegeta finally make it to Planet Cereal.

With this early look into Chapter 72 of Dragon Ball Super, we get a hint that Gas, the strongest and most mysterious of the Heeters, has a trauma in his past of some sort with Planet Cereal. Through this tease, Gas becomes one of the most curious figures of the arc overall considering how much the interactions between the Heeters and Granolah we have seen thus far in previous chapter.

As noted by @DBSChronicles on Twitter, one of the rough draft pages features Elec and Gas heading to Planet Cereal after Goku and Vegeta land with the two others, Macki and Oil. It's been 40 years since they have been to Planet Cereal (alluding to the fact that the Heeters helped the Sugarians build a home there following the Cerealians' destruction), but Gas has no good memories of their time there.

Elec then assures him that it won't go like last time because Gas is "different" now. This is yet another intriguing tease about Gas since he's the fighter we know so little about. Because he's stoic and silent, we don't know his real motivations. He's also been teased to be stronger than Freeza, and someone who could contend with Granolah after becoming the strongest in the universe.

Gas could be the final linchpin of Elec's plan for global domination, so maybe we'll see how Cereal's past plays into this plan. If Gas only goes when it's necessary (or whether something happened while rebuilding with the Sugarians), maybe it all ties together? What do you think? What do you think happened with Gas on Planet Cereal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!