Dragon Ball Super Shares Impressive Cover Art of Galactic Patrolman Goku

Dragon Ball Super's Manga Volume 14 cover art has been revealed, and it certainly lives up to the [...]

Dragon Ball Super's Manga Volume 14 cover art has been revealed, and it certainly lives up to the title of the new volume, "Galactic Patrolman, Son Goku". The cover artwork depicts Goku in uniform as part of the Galactic Patrol, posing majestically on the end of a flying car driven by Galactic Patrolman Jaco, Dragon Ball Super's unofficial mascot for the Galactic Patrol. The scene shows Goku and Jaco leading several Galactic Patrol ships in a raid over a planet, with the other Dragon Ball Z-Fighters jumping from the ships and flying down to the planet to deal with the threat.

Dragon Ball Super Manga Volume 14 Cover
(Photo: Viz Media)

As you can see, it's a pretty epic picture for Dragon Ball Super's next batch of story chapters, as the lengthy new arc of the manga approaches its ending. The "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" arc has seen one of Dragon Ball's most vicious villains, Planet-Eater Moro, break out of Galactic Patrol prison after ten million years on lockdown. Moro escaped to New Namek where he ravaged the planet and used their Dragon Balls to restore his powers and make himself all but invincible. He nearly killed Goku, Vegeta, and Majin Buu/Kaokashin, and drained New Namek of all life.

Goku and Vegeta got a major assist from the Galactic Patrol - especially Goku, who was mentored by the Galactic Patrol's most elite agent, Merus. Turns out, Merus was an angel who knew how to unlock the power of Ultra Instinct in Goku, and helped push the Saiyan warrior to new heights of power and control. Even so, Moro managed to overwhelm and nearly slaughter both Goku and Vegeta - as well as the other Z-Fighter warriors. It was Merus who broke all divine protocols to intervene against Moro and protect Earth. Doing so cost Merus his very existence, but managed to finally convince Goku of the need to become a true protector and defender of life, as a deputized member of the Galactic Patrol!

Of course, in the final chapters of the Galatic Patrol Prisoner arc, Goku has kind of recanted his Galactic Patrolman status and instead chose to battle Moro as an Earthling. That plan hasn't gone so hot though, as Moro tricked Goku and fused with the Earth, creating the biggest error in Goku's long list of stupid battle mistakes. However, the great thing about being a Galactic Patrolman is that you're never truly alone; Dragon Ball Super chapter 66 previews show that Whis will join the fight, and a lot of fans expect Vegeta might have to step in and save Goku's bacon. Again.

Dragon Ball anime is still on hiatus. You can read new manga chapters free online HERE.