Dragon Ball Super Reveals How Far Goku Can Take Ultra Instinct

Dragon Ball Super is more than happy to surprise fans when the time is right, and the time to do so came around the other day. The series went live with a brand-new chapter showcasing Goku and his rematch against Moro. The Saiyan powered up into Ultra Instinct Sign in the last chapter which caught fans off guard as Goku hasn't been able to use the form on command before. Now, that has all changed thanks to Goku's training with Merus, but that doesn't mean the hero is all set to take down Moro. It turns out there are limits to Goku's training, and they have restricted how far the Saiyan can take his Ultra Instinct Sign strategy.

Chapter 59 of the manga sees Goku taking on Moro and using a new range of Ultra Instinct abilities thanks to his use of the Sign transformation, but as the battle continues Moro seems to be catching onto each of these new techniques and figures out that Goku is trying to end the battle quickly. Why? Because Goku was only able to master the imperfect Sign form for a short while.

As Merus explains, Goku was only able to master using the Sign version of the Ultra Instinct form at will and was never able to reach the "true" Ultra Instinct during their training period. Whis re-iterates that Sign is supposed to be used as a stepping stone to the mastered version of the form, and thus drains a lot of stamina. So Goku needs to figure out how to manage keeping the form active while his energy continues to be drained.

Goku has demonstrated in the past how he's been able to surpass his limits, and while training with Merus has brought him to this point there's a chance that the battle with someone as strong as Moro is will kick start the process to Mastered Ultra Instinct much like Jiren's pressure did during the Tournament of Power.


Goku came into this fight knowing full well the limits of his Ultra Instinct mastery, and might be purposefully trying to activate its power through extreme situations again. What do you think? Will Ultra Instinct Sign's limits be one of the reasons Goku will lose the battle to Moro? Will Goku be able to master the form in this fight with Moro? What then comes after the Ultra Instinct form if Goku can master it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!