Dragon Ball Super Going On Extended Hiatus Ahead of Next Arc

Dragon Ball Super has finally capped off the long running Granolah the Survivor arc, but the manga will be taking a lengthy hiatus in order to prepare for what's to come in the next arc of the series! It was announced earlier this year that not only would Dragon Ball Super be ending the Granolah the Survivor arc some time this year, but would also launch the next arc of the series this year as well. It was then confirmed with the newest chapter of the series that the fight against the Heeters has now ended, but in a way that fans really didn't expect.

Chapter 87 of Dragon Ball Super officially put the stamp on the final events of the Granolah the Survivor arc, and much like the end of the fight with Moro, the final moments of this arc directly teased what is coming up next. Unfortunately it's going to be a bit of a wait as the Viz Media release of the chapter states that "Dragon Ball Super will be taking a break for a bit to prepare for the next arc!" This corroborates with previous reports about a potential hiatus for the series, but unfortunately there's no word on when the manga will return. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

There's no information on how long this hiatus will last, unfortunately, and the wait is going to be that much tougher considering the huge cliffhanger that the series left fans on. It was revealed that Goku, Vegeta, and Granolah's final efforts against Gas weren't enough to defeat the Heeter completely, but that was far from the last surprise. After dropping several hints about Frieza's potential role in the arc and his return to the series, Frieza finally did make a major comeback and revealed that he's actually become much stronger than we had seen last

He's been training in the time since we had last seen the villain, and his training has now brought out a new "Black Frieza" form that has become much stronger than anything Goku or Vegeta have managed to reach since. Now not only is this powerful villain now back in play after the Tournament of Power, but there's no telling what kind of grand scheme he has in the works for the next major arc of the series. 

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