Dragon Ball Super Confirms Akira Toriyama's Involvement With New Movie

Dragon Ball Super has been biding its time for a while now, and it seems the series is ready to [...]

Dragon Ball Super has been biding its time for a while now, and it seems the series is ready to make a comeback. It has been years since the franchise hit the screen with any new content, but that will change soon enough. It was announced the other day that a Dragon Ball Super movie is in the works, and it will rely on creator Akira Toriyama in all of the important ways.

For those who do not know, Toriyama is the father of all things Dragon Ball. The artist created the franchise decades ago after he was inspired to pen a manga loosely inspired by Journey to the West. The epic story helped craft the Goku we know today, so it makes sense Toriyama is invested in keeping the hero relevant to fans.

Super Saiyan Goku Dragon Ball Super
(Photo: Toei Animation)

It was announced just days ago that Dragon Ball Super is heading back to the screen thanks to a new movie. The franchise is working on a movie behind the scenes that will elevate Goku to a new level entirely. With so much riding on the Saiyan, Toriyama has decided to give his closest thoughts on the project during production. So yes, Toriyama is working on the epic flick.

According to Toei, Toriyama is overseeing the Dragon Ball Super movie as the screenplay writer and character designer. Toriyama also said he came up with the original story idea, so it seems this whole film is his doing. But as always, Dragon Ball Super fans are loving how involved the artist is with the series.

After all, Toriyama has always done his best with the franchise, and that work has prompted Goku to become one of the biggest anime icons ever. Sure, Dragon Ball has had some missteps, but few of them are ever traced back to Toriyama. Following his work on Dragon Ball Super: Broly, there is no doubt. The artist is meant to guide Goku, and we're stoked to learn about his role in this new film.

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