Dragon Ball Fan Discovers Startling Final Fantasy VII Connection

With the long awaited Final Fantasy VII remake having finally been released, fans are once again exploring the world of Midgard along with the eco-terrorists known as AVALANCHE, and one fan has discovered a startling and hilarious connection between the Square Enix game and the franchise that is Dragon Ball Z! The protagonist of this installment of Final Fantasy goes by the name of Cloud Strife, a former member of SOLDIER who is struggling with internal, and extrenal, demons. When looking at Cloud's original design, you can see the amazing similarities to that of Gohan during the Cell Games!

When Final Fantasy VII first arrived for the original Sony Playstation, it used far more basic graphics than what we know today to convey their characters and environments, but rest assured, at the time it was mind blowing. Cloud's purple outfit stood out and became a beloved part of the aesthetic for the "sword for hire". From looking at Cloud's original outfit and that of Gohan's look during the Cell Saga, it was clear that there is definitely more than a few similarities when it comes to this two big characters within the realm of pop culture!

Twitter User Feralyorha shared the side by side comparison between arguably the most popular Final Fantasy character of all time and the son of the protagonist of Dragon Ball Z, Gohan, who was originally slated to be the main protagonist of the anime itself:

The recent remake has given us a brand new take on the world of Final Fantasy VII with the recently released remake, making a number of changes to the original story and lore that was built in the back and forth battle between Cloud, his friends, and the nefarious Sephiroth. Dragon Ball Z recently re-told the story of anime franchise, mostly sticking to the original story but throwing in a few new elements such as the inclusion of Android 21 and a new member of the Ginyu Force to boot!

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