Dragon Ball Z Meets My Hero Academia with Teen Gohan Artwork

Gohan has been an insanely interesting character in the world of Dragon Ball, balancing his life as a scholar with that of a Z Fighter who is constantly looking to expand his power level to fight threats to the world, and one fan has decided to merge the son of Goku with that of the lead man of My Hero Academia, Midoriya Izuku. Though Gohan has always struggled with his own internal power, he does share a lot in common with Dek, the inheritor of One For All who is working to become the new "Symbol of Peace" for the world!

In Dragon Ball Super, Gohan started off as severely lacking when it came to keeping up with his training, barely having the ability to transform into a Super Saiyan once Freeza returned to life and threatened to destroy the world. By training alongside his mentor Piccolo in anticipation of the Tournament of Power, a tournament that brought together fighters from across all the worlds of the multiverse, Gohan was able to achieve his "Mystic" power up once again that he used during the Buu Saga, and became one of the strongest members of Universe 7 overall. In the current Moro arc of the manga, Gohan is in over his head alongside the rest of the Z Fighters but has shown off his skills time and time again.

Reddit User Pine_Juuce shared this fantastic fan art that imagines what Gohan might look like if he were to be a part of Class 1-A in UA Academy, donning the apparel of the inheritor of All Might's Quirk and definitely living up to the mantra of Plus Ultra:

I drew teen gohan as deku from bnha from r/dbz

Currently in the My Hero Academia Arc, Gohan would definitely be useful to the heroes at UA Academy as the Paranormal Liberation War is claiming a number of casualties on all sides. With the latest story arc threatening to change the world of UA Academy as we know it, giving the villains an upper hand the likes fo whcih we haven't seen before in the franchise, a Super Saiyan would definitely be an ace up the sleeve for the professional heroes!


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