Fairy Tail Creator Celebrates Natsu Day with Fierce Sketch

Fairy Tail might have come to an end some time ago, but series creator Hiro Mashima is still keeping the series alive with fans on Twitter. Mashima is one of the most prominent manga creators in the entire industry among fans for a number of reasons, but one that sticks at the top is the amount of fan service Mashima is willing to dive into. This includes the standard anime fan meaning of the term where Fairy Tail often includes spicier looks and takes on its buxom heroines, but more often than not Mashima rewards that fan dedication with cool updates on each of his characters outside of the main series.

Because while Mashima's latest series, Edens Zero, is currently enjoying its own success (and will even be branching out with a full anime adaptation), Mashima still takes time to celebrate Fairy Tail any chance he gets. Now one of the latest opportunities comes with the special "Natsu Day" fan holiday for the series, and Mashima has definitely made sure to celebrate Natsu's big day!

Every July 2nd is "Natsu Day" with Fairy Tail fans, and Mashima took part in the celebration as well with a fierce sketch of Natsu probably getting ready for his next huge battle. It's far less revealing than many of Mashima's shared takes on Lucy Heartfilia with fans on Twitter, but seeing more Natsu content from the creator is still great! You can check out the sketch below:

Natsu Dragneel's adventures are still continuing with the official Fairy Tail sequel, 100 Years Quest, but fans would love to see the character return to anime someday. It's the same for the English voice behind the fan favorite, Todd Haberkorn, who has also previously gone on record with support for a potential anime sequel for this series. Natsu and Lucy's story was left hanging in the air with the original series, and a sequel could definitely fix this!

Where does Natsu Dragneel rank among your favorite characters in Fairy Tail? What are some of your favorite Natsu moments through the series overall? What do you hope to see from Natsu in the future of the franchise? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!