Godzilla vs. Kong Defeats Skull Island In China

Godzilla vs. Kong is continuing to bring in some big dollars in theaters in North America and the world at large, and it seems as if the long-awaited kaiju crossover has overtaken the biggest film of the MonsterVerse in China with Kong: Skull Island. With the previous film that featured Kong taking place on the legendary isolated island that was fit to bursting with giant monsters outside of the larger than life primate that would eventually test his mettle against the king of the monsters in a battle for supremacy that would change the landscape of Legendary Pictures' new universe.

The future of the MonsterVerse is still up in the air at this point, with no future live-action films being confirmed for either the ruler of Skull Island or the lizard king, but Godzilla vs. Kong's success at the box office, and through its presence on the streaming service of HBO Max, might mean good things for these kaijus' returns. Though the future might be anyone's guess on the silver screen, both Godzilla and Kong are set to return via animated series released on the streaming service of Netflix. With Godzilla: Singular Point and Skull Island set to land this year, it's clear that giant monster fans still have plenty to look forward to.

Godzilla vs Kong Hollow Earth Revealed
(Photo: Legendary)

Kong: Skull Island pulled in $169.5 Million USD during its time in Chinese theaters, with Godzilla vs. Kong overcoming this number as it continues to stack up hundreds of millions of dollars of profit. In the first appearance of Legendary Pictures' version of Kong, which came out three years following the debut of Godzilla in 2014, we witnessed a smaller version of the king of the apes, who was attempting to eradicate the threat of the "Skull Walkers", who did make a return in the latest crossover film.

Godzilla vs. Kong took the opportunity to further explore Kong's character, taking him on a journey to learn more about his ancestor while also discovering the lost land of Hollow Earth. With the Hollow Earth theory originating with the premise that this location within the center of the Earth was the birthplace of giant monsters, many kaiju fans were happy to finally see it on screen.

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