Godzilla vs Kong Synopsis Hints at the Monsters' Grudge

Godzilla has been training for some years now for his next big foe, and King Kong is willing to [...]

Godzilla has been training for some years now for his next big foe, and King Kong is willing to step up to the plate if it means fighting the monster. Later this year, Godzilla vs Kong is expected to debut should the ongoing pandemic ease enough to reopen movie theaters. The crossover will pit two of the biggest monsters in film against one another, and a new synopsis is teasing the pair's feud in the first place.

Recently, a detailed teaser for Godzilla vs Kong showed up on IMDb, and it was there fans got a big update on the MonsterVerse entry. The film promises to follow mankind as it tries to live along with Titans in peace. Still, there are some monsters like King Kong who continue to live solitary lives... that is until Godzilla shows up, of course.

The full synopsis can be read below, so you can see for yourself why Godzilla and King Kong are so irate with the other. "In a new world where man and monster now coexist, Monarch must lead the way to a prosperous future alongside the Titans, keeping humanity in check. However, rival factions that want to manipulate the Titans for war begin to rise under the guise of a nefarious conspiracy, threatening to wipe out all life on the planet. Meanwhile, on Skull Island, strange seismic activity draws the attention of Godzilla and Kong alike," the teaser reads.

Godzilla Kong Kaiju IRL Foe
(Photo: Legendary Pictures)

As you can see, the monsters are drawn to a single location, and that happens to be none other than Skull Island. The location has homed King Kong for years, so it would only make sense for him to be protective of it. This desire paired with Godzilla's territorial nature is a recipe for disaster. There is little doubt the monsters won't clash on an island that small, and with the pair already on edge from the seismic activity, there is no telling how their grudge will end up going.

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