Godzilla vs. Kong Reveals How Kong Can Fight Godzilla's Atomic Powers

While King Kong is clearly no pushover when it comes to the world of giant monsters, he definitely [...]

While King Kong is clearly no pushover when it comes to the world of giant monsters, he definitely might have met his match when it comes to fighting against the current king of the monsters in Godzilla, and the latest trailer has given us an idea of how he fares against the atomic breath of the lizard king. Godzilla Vs Kong has been a long time coming for fans fo the "Monster-Verse" created by Legendary Pictures, but this new trailer has shown us a lot of what we can expect from the titanic tussle that is set to hit theaters and HBO Max this March!

Godzilla hasn't just been a giant lizard, he's been one that has been able to harness the power of atomic energy, unleashing massive attacks such as his atomic breath upon cities and enemy kaijus that are threatening his place at the top of the food chain. In the trailer, we see brief glimpses at the fight between Kong and the current king of the monsters as the latter unleashes his breath against the larger than life primate and the former has to deal with the fallout.

Firstly, it seems as if Kong can take a certain amount of the attack and ultimately not be damaged by it, though the trailer does show that Kong is intelligent enough to find ways to deflect one of Godzilla's ultimate attacks, as he is able to block it with a makeshift weapon that he finds while combating the lizard king in Japan.

In the original Godzilla Vs King Kong movie, the creators of the film didn't know how the ape was supposed to be a match for the lizard king and his atomic abilities, so they actually ended up giving Kong some strange new powers to be a threat such as granting him the ability to absorb electricity and actually become stronger in doing so. Needless to say, this new version of the kaiju fight won't have men stomping around in costumes, but rather relying on computer-generated graphics to give fans one of the biggest giant monster fights they've ever seen.

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