Godzilla Vs Kong: New Footage Sheds Light on Kong's Role

Godzilla Vs Kong smashes into theaters and HBO Max this March, giving fans the kaiju showdown [...]

Godzilla Vs Kong smashes into theaters and HBO Max this March, giving fans the kaiju showdown they've been waiting for since Legendary Pictures' launched its shared "Monster-Verse." With the trailer on the way tomorrow, Legendary Pictures released a promo with new footage that hints at Kong's role in the film. The clip gives fans a hint about what to expect from tomorrow's full trailer and from the epic battle between Kong and Godzilla when those two titans clash. Legendary also released another clip teasing the return of a character from Godzilla: King of the Monsters that you can check out right here.

Though the main focus of Legendary Pictures' "Monster-Verse" has mostly centered on Godzilla, with two films focusing on the lizard king, Kong: Skull Island was released in 2017 and gave us our first look at the king of the apes. Though Kong did not appear in the latest kaiju film of Godzilla: King of the Monsters, it's clear that the larger than life primate is looking to make up time for his absence in this giant confrontation that is releasing later this year. In the footage featured here, it seems as if Kong will be the "hero" of the confrontation, with a voice hinting that the "world needs Kong".

Legendary Pictures' Official Twitter Account shared this brief snippet from the upcoming trailer for Godzilla Vs Kong, featuring a young girl holding up an adorable recreation of the ruler of Skull Island, and seemingly being the key to putting Kong on the right path to help the world:

Kong wasn't necessarily a villain when he first appeared in Kong: Skull Island, but was more of a force of nature that found himself aligning with the humans that lived in his same environment. Though several soldiers and scientists of Monarch were looking to capture him, or even eradicate him, he helped humanity out in a pinch when the island was crawling with several kaiju that were looking to chomp down on the denizens of the world. Though we still don't know why Godzilla and Kong are coming to blows, it's sure to be a fight for the ages!

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