JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Cosplay Perfectly Captures Trish's Wild Hairstyle

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure might be bringing back the first female protagonist of the series this fall with Stone Ocean's return on Netflix, but Jolyne Cujoh is far from the first female Stand User that Hirohiko Araki has introduced to the series. In the previous part of the series to Stone Ocean, Golden Wind introduced the unique Stand user known as Trish Una, the wielder of the Stand known as Spice Girl, who held the devastating secret of being the daughter of Diavolo, the head of the Passione Mafia who was also the main villain of the fifth part of the franchise.

Trish first hit the scene as an innocent bystander, with Diavolo attempting to kill his own daughter to protect his secrets and take a piece off the board who might come back to bite him in the future. Trish's Stand, Spice Girl, had the ability to not only unleash a series of machine gun-like blows but could transform an environment that it touched into a rubber-like substance, much like the new powers that Monkey D. Luffy gained during his fight with Kaido during One Piece's War For Wano Arc. 

Instagram Cosplayer Anna Aifert shared this fresh new take on Trish, with the daughter of Diavolo having not made a comeback following the conclusion of the Golden Wind and certainly not wanting any part of the mafia lifestyle despite the fact that Giorno took the reins from her departed dad:

Golden Wind was a unique story in that it followed a Joestar who had a very different origin story from the likes of Joseph, Jonathan, Josuke, and Jotaro, as Giorno was the son of series villain Dio Brando. Giovanna was technically a Joestar in that Dio had fathered him using the body of Jonathan that he had taken in the final moments of the first season of the franchise, and despite Brando having the powers of a creature of the night, Giorno did not inherit his father's vampiric abilities. With Steel Ball Run and JoJolion taking place in a different dimension, it will be interesting to see if we get new takes on Giorno and Trish in this new reality.

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