JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Cosplay Unites The Golden Wind With Junji Ito

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's latest anime season followed the son of Dio Brando, Giorno Giovanna, in the saga of the Golden Wind as he attempted to take the reins of the Passione Mafia from the nefarious villain known as Diavolo, and one fan has created some ingenious cosplay merging the wielder of King Crimson by fusing the franchise with that of Junji Ito's spooky creation, Tomie. Perhaps no villain is more suited to be fused with this succubus than Diavolo, who struggles with some severe personality disorder that has worked in hiding his identity from enemies looking to topple his criminal empire.

Tomie is one of the most adapted stories in Junji Ito's horrific roster of short stories, with the spooky tale originally set for a live-action adaptation via the now-defunct streaming service of Quibi. Though this North American version of the supernatural creature won't be hitting the airwaves in North America any time soon, there are plenty of feature-length films that arrived straight from Japan that followed one of Junji Ito's most popular creations. Tomie received eight movies in Japan, not even taking into account the television series and numerous manga stories that have featured the creature who seduces men that are near her.

Instagram Cosplayer Meno Nemo Cosplay shared this impressive fusion that takes Diavolo's split personality disorder to the next level by imagining the villain of the Golden Wind has two faces, sharing his body with the far less threatening Doppio:

Diavolo might not be considered a horror character, but his fate is certainly one of the most horrific things that we've seen take place in an anime series in general, having been trapped in a permanent state of never-ending death thanks in part to an attack by Giorno Giovanna's Stand, Golden Wind Requiem. With Diavolo's terrible fate revealed, we doubt we'll be seeing him make a return in the future of the franchise, but we've certainly seen stranger things happen in the world of the Joestars throughout the series' history.

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