Jujutsu Kaisen Will Start Selling Sakuna's Cursed Finger to Fans

Jujutsu Kaisen has kept fans entertained for years in print, and it has finally made the transition to television this year. The show is only a few episodes in, but it has already found a dedicate fanbase that is growing by the week. And if you are desperate to be like Yuji Itadori in every way - well, you will be able to get your own cursed finger before long.

And yes, this new prop is just as disgusting as you would imagine. Bandai has plans to sell a replica edition of Sakura's finger, and the scale collectible is all kinds of horrifying to look at.

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode One Anime Sukuna Yuji
(Photo: MAPPA)

The item is currently open for pre-orders at the official Crunchyroll store. The Jujutsu Kaisen piece is being made by Bandai, and all pre-orders will close by November 16. The item is expected to ship this coming May, and it will be a must-have for Sakuna cosplayers.

"The key item of the Jujutsu Kaisen series, the finger of the cursed two-faced demon Ryomen Sukuna, joins PROPLICA at a life-sized scale! It's realistically detailed and painted to capture its gruesomely accurate appearance, and packed in a box designed to resemble wood. Special stickers let you play dress-up for added drama," the product description reads.


According to the product details, this Jujutsu Kaisen prop is about five inches long, and it is made from PVC and ABS. The finger looks as gnarly in real life as it does in the anime, so that is a definite bonus. It is hard to believe Yuji willingly gobbles these fingers down. And if it wasn't made clear enough, please - do not eat this prop. Just... don't.

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