Jujutsu Kaisen Shows Off Gojo's Strongest Attack Yet

Jujutsu Kaisen showed off Satoru Gojo's strongest attack yet with the newest episode! The Kyoto Goodwill arc has reached its climax as Yuji and Todo have teamed up with one another to take on the powerful cursed spirit Hanami. The previous episode ended with a cliffhanger teasing the next phase of this fight, but the surprises continued with the newest episode of the series as Gojo was able to insert himself into the fray as well. Just as Gojo has done in the past, this time he made sure to show off with a huge display of power.

Episode 20 of Jujutsu Kaisen sees Gojo finally tearing his way through the massive curtain built specifically to keep him out alone. With him tearing through the curtain and finally getting a lay of the threats, Gojo decided to snipe Hanami before it got away with a powerful long range cursed technique, Hollow Purple.

As demonstrated in prior episodes, when Gojo removes his blindfold it's essentially removing a limiter that he places on himself. Rather than use his space and time warping Domain Expansion this time around, however, Gojo quickly ascertains where every fighter is. To keep Hanami from running away as quickly as it did during their first confrontation, Gojo preps a long range shot.

Connecting a blue orb of "Cursed Technique Amplication" and a red orb of "Cursed Technique Reversal," the two orbs clash together and form his strongest attack yet, Hollow Purple. This sends a massive orb across the entire forest and cuts a huge line through the ground right in front of Yuji and Todo. It's a quick display of power, but it's currently unclear whether or not this was enough to completely defeat Hanami.

Gojo's displays of power might be brief, but they are huge examples of why he's such an equally respected yet feared being within the Jujutsu Kaisen world. This only goes to create more mystery surrounding him as the new episodes continue as well. But what do you think? What did you think of Gojo's newest display of power?


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