Legend of Korra Funko Sale Brings Home The Latest World of Bending

With the Legend of Korra's arrival onto Netflix, fans are re-discovering the sequel series of Avatar The Last Airbender and the re-incarnation of Aang, and Hot Topic is having an exclusive sale for not only some of the hottest Funko Pops created for the characters of the Nickelodeon produced series, but other merchandise that spawned from it to boot! Though Korra marked the last time that we saw the world of bending on Nickelodeon, it's clear that the fandom is still rallying behind the series and hoping to one day see its return!

Netflix, prior to acquiring both Avatar The Last Airbender and the Legend of Korra, announced that it would be producing a live action adaptation for the first series, re-telling the story of Aang awakening from a block of ice and attempting to take down the Fire Nation and their campaign of world domination. Though Aang and his friends have certainly had their fair share of merchandise, Korra is definitely looking to catch up with their overall sales with the retailer Hot Topic attempting to capitalize on the Netflix acquisition!

Hot Topic currently has the Legend of Korra merchandise for sale here, while Funko took to their Official Twitter Account to help push forward the sale as well by showing off the amazing figurine for Korra that shows off her excellent use of bending as the Avatar:

The Legend of Korra ran for fifty two episodes over the course of four seasons, giving us some brand new adventures for the re-incarnation of Aang, and introducing a world where bending had become so common place, it was used by a number of citizens in their every day lives. With Korra struggling against benders and a rogue movement looking to make bending a thing of the past, it will be interesting to see if we ever revisit this world in a possible sequel or a live action series re-telling these stories.

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