Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Hints At Teela's Future

Masters Of The Universe: Revelation recently released the trailer for the second half of its first season on Netflix, giving fans a number of major events to mull over when it comes to He-Man and the other guardians of Eternia, with new revelations regarding Teela and her future being highlighted. With Teela being a core member of the franchise since the very beginning, appearing in the first episode of He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe in the 1980s, the series has delved into her character and is seemingly getting ready to place her into an essential new role.

When Teela's role in the new series of Masters Of The Universe: Revelation was revealed, it threw many fans for a loop, with both He-Man and Skeletor seemingly dying in the first episode. Being placed front and center in the adventure, she put together a new group of heroes and villains to bring magic back to the world of Eternia and bring Prince Adam back from the grave. Unfortunately for Teela, while she was able to restore magic and bring back Adam, her plan of saving the world inadvertently brought the power of Castle Grayskull into the hands of Skeletor, with Revelation's first-half finale seeing the creation of the all-powerful Skelegod.

In the latest trailer for the second half of the series, Teela is seemingly being positioned to take on the role of the new sorceress of Eternia, which would definitely make the franchise vastly different from what was seen before, with Prince Adam and Skeletor continuing their battle against one another for the fate of their world:

Not only will Teela potentially become the new being wielding the full power of Castle Grayskull as the Sorceress, but it seems as though Prince Adam has gone through a significant change as well, harnessing his traditional strength without using his sword, currently in the possession of Skelegod. Without the sword in his hand, Adam is transformed into a savage incarnation of He-Man, who might be stronger than his previous form but might lack control when it comes to the strength he wields. 

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