My Hero Academia: Izuku and Bakugo Actors Open Up About Their Characters' Relatability

My Hero Academia's anime has helped propel the franchise to new heights, and the English voice actors for Bakugo and Deku recently had the opportunity to sit down for an interview where they discussed just why their characters that are a part of UA Academy are so relatable. The voice actors, Justin Briner and Clifford Chapin, have voiced their respective characters of Izuku and Bakugo since the anime started years back, and will surely return for the fifth season of the Shonen series that will be returning early next year to continue the story of the students of Class 1-A!

Bakugo and Deku aren't exactly fast friends, but their relationship has strengthened in the relatively short time that they have been fellow classmates in UA Academy. Though they've come to blows a few times with one another, either through training exercises or differences of opinion when it comes to the secrets of Izuku's Quirk, it's clear that they've both come a long way from the original relationship that they had wherein they existed as bully and prosecuted. It's clear that these two characters have resonated with fans, and it's this topic that Briner and Chapin are able to dive further into with this interview.

My Hero Academia Deku Bakugo
(Photo: Toho Animation)

ANN recently had the chance to interview both Justin Briner and Clifford Chapin about their characters' relatability in the anime who often go together as well as water and oil, and it's clear that their relationship will continue to be a focal point of the series moving forward:

Briner: “I’d say I’d relate to Izuku a fair bit. We both share kind of a nervous energy. But otherwise I share his passion, his single-mindedness . . . . I’ve been rooting for him.”

Chapin: “One of the things that’s so great about My Hero Academia is that the characters are so rich and developed they feel like real people, even when their abilities and the things they can do are so beyond reality. It’s easy to relate to any of the characters or anything they go through because they feel so natural and real.”


Which character in My Hero Academia do you relate the most to? Do you foresee Deku and Bakugo becoming fast friends in the future of the franchise? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of UA Academy!