My Hero Academia Created Its Own Commissioner Gordon Without Us Knowing

While My Hero Academia's world is fit to bursting with superheroes, said crime fighters must work in the parameters of the law, meaning that there are still police officers that are attempting to keep Hero Society together in tandem with UA Academy's students and the top-ranked heroes. Surprisingly, not much time has actually passed since Deku and his friends first joined with Class 1-A but you might never know that from the rapid progression of Detective Naomasa Tsukauchi, as fans have started to notice how he's progressed in a short amount of time.

While most of the population has received some sort of superpower thanks to the arrival of Quirks in the Shonen's universe, Tsukauchi, as far as we've seen to date, hasn't demonstrated any abilities outside of being a seriously effective detective. Assisting during both the Overhaul Arc, the latest War Arc, and the storyline that saw All Might and All For One tango, Naomasa also played a major role in the spin-off series, My Hero Academia: Vigilantes. In the tie-in manga, the detective was dealing with vigilantes that attempted to fight crime outside of the law, and while an anime adaptation hasn't been announced as of yet, we could see Vigilantes one day making its way to the small screen.

My Detective Academia

One fan of My Hero Academia compiled some of the panels from My Hero Academia's manga, showing Shonen followers how much the detective has changed since his earlier appearances in the series to the present wherein All For One and Shigaraki are giving it their all in an effort to take down Hero Society:

Tsukauchi's evolution through the story, in a year no less, from a jovial cop to a "hard-boiled" detective from BokuNoHeroAcademia

The detective is certainly set to have his hands full in the remainder of the anime's sixth season, working alongside crime fighters in an attempt to not only stop the villains from moving forward with their destructive goals but attempting to quell society's lack of confidence in the heroes following the War Arc. Fortunately, the gumshoe will be able to rely on Deku moving forward though the current wielder of One For All is going to be quite different in the remainder of this season.

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