My Hero Academia Cosplay Honors Vigilantes Final Chapter With Pop Step

My Hero Academia has brought its long running spin-off prequel manga series to an end with its latest chapter, and one awesome cosplay is honoring My Hero Academia: Vigilantes' final chapter by taking the stage with Kazuho Haneyama's Pop Step! The spin-off series initially grabbed fans early on with the promise that it would be taking place years before the events of the main series. While there were cameos from some of the pros in the main series, the biggest draw was in fact the new characters who were taking up the heroics in place of proper heroes lacking in their neighborhood.

The spin-off had introduced fans to the main trio of vigilantes, Koichi Haimawari's Crawler, the grizzled veteran Knuckleduster, and the high flying performer Pop Step. Each of them took on some surprisingly intense hero missions through the series, and each of them are at a completely different kind of place than when it all began. Now artist @cakedbycraker has honored how far each of these My Hero Academia: Vigilantes heroes has come with an awesome take on Pop Step on Instagram! Check it out below: 

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes recently brought its six year run to an end with 126 chapters under its belt, and there are actually quite a few moments that flesh out the main series. While the majority of it tells its own story as it follows Koichi and the other vigilante efforts, there are some major run-ins with main series villains like All For One and the deadly Nomu that really got into action several years later in the main series. And there's one arc about Shota Aizawa's past that feeds directly into the events of Season 5 and Kurogiri's true identity. 

With the spin-off series ending leaving an open space to incorporate the various heroes into the main series next, it does raise the question when we'll get to see any of these characters again. These vigilantes have yet to show up in the main series despite all of these connections, but cosplay like this proves that fans can't wait to celebrate all of them again! What do you think? How did you like My Hero Academia: Vigilantes' run? What were some of your favorite moments? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments!