My Hero Academia Gets Into The Holiday Spirit With Terrifying Toga

My Hero Academia has given the students of Class 1-A the chance to chill out in a past chapter of its manga with a Holiday Party that gave Deku and his friends a much-needed opportunity to breath, but the same couldn't be said for the League of Villains, though one fan has decided to ring in the holidays with an amazing Toga Cosplay. With Toga easily being one of the most popular villains to appear in the anime franchise created by Kohei Horikoshi, she will have a big role to play in the upcoming fifth season next spring!

In the latest War Arc of My Hero Academia's manga, Toga has gone through a lot, with her best friend within the League of Villains being a casualty of the battle between the heroes and villains of the world. With Toga attempting to become fast friends with Ochaco, hoping to bond over their mutual crush on Midoriya, it was clear that the blood-sucking villain lives in a completely different world from the heroes and looks at the lives she's taken with nary a second thought. With the villains having recently escaped during the War Arc, the future for Toga is still up in the air but we definitely wouldn't be surprised to imagine that she will be tormenting the heroes down the line once again!

Instagram Cosplayer Cosplay of GG shared this sinister take on Toga, not only sporting a holiday look to help celebrate the arrival of the holiday season, but also sporting a knife that is most assuredly sharp enough to help fuel her Quirk of drinking blood to take on the appearance of her targets:

In the last season of My Hero Academia's manga, Toga was sent to join the gang of villains led by Overhaul. With both her and Twice facing off against the heroes, their bond with one another grew as a result, even with their eventual betrayal of the head of the Yakuza. The fifth season will have a much larger role for Toga, as it will further explore the League of Villains as well as the past of their leader, Shigaraki!

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