My Hero Academia Creator Shares Adorable Ochaco and Tsuyu Sketch

In the fourth season of My Hero Academia, Froppy and Uravity were shown to be a part of the efforts to take down the gangster known as Overhaul and it's clear that they're not only fan favorites, but favorites of the series creator in Kohei Horikoshi, who has recently shared a new, classy sketch of the pair that have trained with one another for some time. With both Ochaco and Tsuyu beginning a new internship under the watchful eye of Ryukyu, the dragoon hero, it's clear that their mastery over their quirks has improved exponentially!

Class 1-A is filled with aspiring heroes that are looking to make a name for themselves not simply to gain notoriety in the school of UA Academy, but also to become well known crime fighters in the world at large. Ochaco specifically is attempting to become a hero not simply to save regular citizens, but also to help her struggling family achieve a new level of life. With both Froppy and Uravity becoming more powerful with each passing adventure in the anime franchise, it will be interesting to see where they go in the history of the series!

Kohei Horikoshi shared the all new sketch, showing the two heroines of My Hero Academia leaping into action wearing new, first class outfits that they have yet to sport in the official series but certainly is one of the classiest outfits that they've ever appeared in:

In the manga, both Ochaco and Tsuyu are assisting their fellow students, and professional heroes, in a war against the biggest threat to the world in the form of the Paranormal Liberation Front. With this super villain organization housing around 100,000 members, it's easily the most hard hitting battle that the heroes of My Hero Academia have ever faced. With the heroes facing this insurmountable challenge, we're left wondering just who will be able to make it out alive.


Froppy and Uravity are arguably two of the most popular heroines that reside in Class 1-A, and with them both training alongside one another, they've even developed tag team moves that make them a killer combination.

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