My Hero Academia Reveals Endeavor's Promise To His Family

The latest episode of My Hero Academia's fifth season didn't just focus on the deadly battle taking place between Endeavor, Hawks, and the terrifying villain Dabi, it also gave us some quiet moments in which the current number one hero had to deal with the sins of his past as he made a serious promise to his children. With Endeavor having put his family through hell in a bid to create the strongest heroes of the next generation, it's clear that he has some serious reparations to make in terms of getting back into the good graces of his three children.

Following the fight against the High-End Nomu, Endeavor had to do some recovery when it came to dealing with the injuries that were inflicted upon him by the biological nightmare of the League of Villains. Sporting a serious facial scar, the number one hero takes the opportunity to chat with his three children, Shoto, Natsuo, and Fuyumi respectively. Though Shoto was chosen to be the successor to Endeavor, carrying the torch of the Todoroki clan into the world of heroes and being accepted into the prestigious UA Academy, he had to undergo what was essentially torture thanks to the harsh training that his father placed upon him.

My Hero Academia Endeavor
(Photo: Studio Bones)

Endeavor's mentality didn't just put his children through hell, it resulted in the apparent death of the oldest son in Toya, while also causing Rei, the mother of the family, to lose her mind in the process. Making a promise to his family, the number one hero vows to "atone for his sins" while also guaranteeing a future for his clan. With his children skeptical, it seems as though Endeavor is truly attempting to turn over a new leaf while also living in the shadow of the "Symbol of Peace" in All Might.

As fans of the manga know, more of the Todoroki family's past will be revealed following the deadly War Arc, though anime fans will have to wait to see these story beats revealed past season five, most likely. Regardless, the fifth season will have big moments for Shoto, and fans of My Hero Academia definitely haven't seen the last of Dabi, who helped set Endeavor on his current course of redemption thanks in part to their latest battle.

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