My Hero Academia May Be Heading Towards an April Break

Kohei Horikoshi has spent years telling the story of Deku attempting to achieve his dream of following in the footsteps of his hero, All Might, and becoming the next Symbol of Peace for hero society. Now, with the manga telling the tale of the final battle between the heroes and the forces of All For One, it seems that the Shonen series is set to take a brief hiatus next month, April, as the final story of UA Academy continues.      

Currently, Kohei Horikoshi has been tight-lipped as to whether we'll see a sequel series or spin-off that continues the story of UA Academy once My Hero Academia comes to an end, though there certainly would be plenty of territory that has yet to be explored. In a recent quote, Horikoshi stated that there was around one year left of story that is yet to be told, with the heroes coming face-to-face with Shigaraki and the other antagonists of the Paranormal Liberation Front. With the best-laid plans of the heroes having already gone to pot thanks to the machinations of Toga, Deku is having to think on his feet as he struggles to bring hero society back to its former glory.

(Photo: Shueisha)

In a recent update, My Hero Academia has stated that the next installment of the manga will be delayed by a week, leaving fans to see how Izuku's escape plan has gone as Froppy has entered the fray in the battle against Toga, while other young heroes of UA Academy have their hands full as well.

This year, fans of the Shonen series will see the return of My Hero Academia's anime adaptation, with the sixth season set to arrive this falls from Studio BONES. Promising to adapt the War Arc, Deku and company will be fighting the biggest battle of their careers to date as a result of Shigaraki and his gang overtaking the forces of the Meta Liberation Army. While the manga might be ending in the near future, the anime has plenty of areas yet to explore.

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