My Hero Academia Creator Shares Sober Message About the Series' End

My Hero Academia has been making its way through the final battle between the heroes and villains with its latest chapters, and the creator behind the series shared quite the bittersweet comment looking back on how far the series has come now that there's a goal in sight. Series creator Kohei Horikoshi has previously gone on record stating that if all works out for the series, then My Hero Academia would be ending within the span of a year. That was stated last Winter, and each new chapter of the series seemingly brings the manga closer and closer to that potential grand finale window.

Although fans of the series are hoping it turns out differently, it seems Horikoshi is holding strong onto this plan for the series finale. Alongside the release of Volume 34 of My Hero Academia across shelves in Japan, the creator had shared a bittersweet message with fans (as spotted and translated by @aitaikimochi on Twitter) as he questions just how much longer he'll be able to draw the characters now that the grand finale seems like it's more and more in sight. Looks like fans will have to brace themselves even more. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

"I feel like I can finally see the goal in sight," Horikoshi begins. "It's a rather strange feeling getting to this point. In the past, I would just be drawing without a single care [for the future], but now I wonder just how many more times can I draw these characters? Change is scary as you grow older. Well, I really shouldn't dwell on that! Until next volume then!" It's quite the reflective statement as the creator looks back on not only his time with the series, but how much his own personal life has changed along with it. It's a further stamp on the fact that the end really is near. 

With the final war between the heroes and villains raging on, and the further indications that the series finale is fast approaching, there are lots of ideas fans would want to see continue from this franchise. Whether or not Horikoshi chooses to do so, there are lots of potential avenues to explore that this series hasn't had the time to be able to flesh out. But we'll see how it all comes to an end soon enough! What do you think? 

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