My Hero Academia Shares Rei's Reason for Having More Kids

My Hero Academia has never shied away from the ugly side of heroes, and some of the pros have histories fans hate to see. Few of those backstories are as bad as the one Endeavor carries as the Number One hero has a dark past. The man was an abusive husband and father who reigned over his household with fear. And after lots of theorizing, the series has explained why Rei even agreed to have more kids with the man.

The update came in the most recent chapter of My Hero Academia. The info was shared during a small flashback Endeavor had about his son Toya following the revelation he was still alive. As it turns out, Endeavor had hope Toya could live up to his expectations, but it didn't stop the man from wanting a child with the perfect fire-ice quirk.

rei my hero academia
(Photo: Bones)

"Meanwhile, I still yearned for a child whose quirk combined fire and ice. My wife wanted more children, saying they could encourage each other. Then, Fuyumi, my second, was born," Endeavor shared.

"Neither child bore the ideal quirk I was hoping for, but at the time, I was happy all the same."

Clearly, something went terribly wrong after this point because Endeavor was not happy for long. He became a shadow of anger that lurked behind the Todoroki clan. He would go on to abuse Rei mentally and physically until she snapped. But if Endeavor is being honest here, it seems his wife was willing to have more kids for the sake of her children rather than Enji. She hoped the kids would find comfort in having siblings as opposed to hoping her next child would have the powers which Endeavor was searching after. And once he acquired that quirk in Shoto, well - everything fell apart.


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