My Hero Academia Cosplay Honors Setsuna's Anime Debut

One awesome My Hero Academia cosplay is honoring Setsuna Tokage's debut in the anime during Season 5! The fifth season of the series wrapped up its final episodes before the start of the Fall, and fans are already excited to see what could be on the way for the anime's next season. While a sixth season has already been confirmed for a release, and with what's to come ahead, it can be easy to forget how the fifth season kicked off with a showcase of Class 1-B's hero students and their respective abilities developed over the first year.

While Class 1-A had been in the middle of some huge battles with villains and have gone beyond their limits that way, Class 1-B put their all into their standard course work and hero training to develop in many of the same ways as the main class. This was especially great for young heroes like Setsuna Tokage, Lizardy, who got to demonstrate their quirks and skills for the first real time in the series overall. In celebration of that, artist @hiso.neko has brought the young hero to life with some spot-on cosplay on Instagram! Check it out below: 

While Season 5 was Setsuna's first proper time to shine in the anime series along with many of the formerly unseen heroes of Class 1-B, it thankfully won't be the last time we get to see what they are capable of. The first half of the fifth season was supposed to feel like the hero side of the equation all beefing up in their respective ways much like how the My Villain Academia side of the season saw the villains growing their power in significant ways as well for the inevitable war to come in the next season. 

This is all in service for the Paranormal Liberation Front War coming in Season 6 of the anime that will see Izuku Midoriya and Class 1-A teaming up not only with the members of Class 1-B, but with as many pro heroes that they can round up for a major attack on the villains. The sixth season has yet to reveal when fans can expect to see it, but it's going to have quite a lot to showcase from all of the villains and heroes we have met in the anime so far in the biggest arc for the anime to date. 

But what do you think? What did you think of Setsuna's debut in Season 5 of the anime? How did you like Season 5 of the series overall? Let us know all of your thoughts about My Hero Academia and all this anime in the comments!