My Hero Academia Hints At Heroes' Strategy To Take Down Shigaraki's Decay Quirk

My Hero Academia is setting the stage for the heroes' big strategy against Tomura Shigaraki's decay quirk! The final war between the heroes and villains is now underway as the Final Act of Kohei Horikoshi's original manga series reaches a new phase, and the recent string of chapters have seen how both the heroes and villains were steeling themselves for the final conflict. With so much working against them, the heroes needed to come up with a major plan in order to somehow separate All For One from Tomura Shigaraki and get an early edge over the villains by any means possible.  

While the newest chapter of the series revealed All Might's plan to separate the villains from one another and pulled it off successfully, there was also a tease that the heroes have been working on other things. In the days leading up to the final battle against the villains, it appears that the heroes have also figured out some kind of counter strategy against Shigaraki's powerful decay abilities as well. So while the heroes have already gotten the first half of their plan underway, there's still another level to their strategy. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 345 of My Hero Academia sees the heroes successfully pulling off their main plan to separate the villains by pushing them through warp gates let loose by Monoma (who had copied Kuorgiri's quirk before the final battle), and the villains start to react to the new plan. One villain questions Crust over the fact that the hero side is willing to put all of their money and efforts into such a flimsy plan, but the pro hero drops a curious nugget that teases the heroes have thought ahead for the battle too. Noting, "We've even got a strategy to counter that nasty Decay quirk!" 

It's yet to be revealed just what this plan against Shigaraki's decay could really be, and yet to be seen what Crust means by this boast, but it is a curious tease for the future. Since Shigaraki's fighting ground seems to be a U.A. Academy that has been pulled into the air, it's hard to believe the heroes would willingly put themselves in such a place like that if they didn't have some kind of way to stop Shigaraki's quirk. Now it's just a matter of seeing what this plan could be since they're currently acting without the help of those who can stall quirks like Eraser Head. 


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