My Hero Academia: What Will Happen to Shigaraki's AFO Powers After That New Order Twist?

My Hero Academia has left fans with a complicated cliffhanger and a big question after its latest manga chapter: What is going to happen to Tomura Shigaraki's All For One powers after that game-changing twist with the New Order quirk of America's no. 1 hero, Star and Stripe? (WARNING: My Hero Academia manga chapter 333 SPOILERS Follow!) In "Specter" the epic battle between AFO Shigaraki and Star and Stripe came to a decisive end. However, the outcome of the battle - and the rewards hoped for - were not quite what AFO Shigaraki (or My Hero Academia's audience) expected, at all. 

AFO Shigaraki managed to survive the ultimate attack Star and Stripe and her team unleashed using America's most lethal secret weapons. After evading destruction AFO Shigaraki called Star and Stripe's bluff about destroying one of the "bros" on her own team in order to stop him. Like her inspiration All Might, Star and Stripe refused to sacrifice even one innocent in order to defeat a villain and chose to sacrifice herself instead

However, in her (literal) final breaths, Star and Stripe (aka Catheleen Bate) made sure to payback her karmic debt to All Might (who saved her family's life in the opening sequence flashback of My Hero Academia: Two Heroes). Star and Stripe used her New Order quirk one last time, in order to rewrite the very rules of the god-like superpower itself! Shigaraki found out too late after he stole New Order that the quirk had been altered to have one drastic footnote: "New Order revolts against other quirks!!" 

What Happens To Shigraki's Power After New Order? 


From what we see in My Hero Academia chapter 333, Star and Stripe's alteration of New Order really has AFO Shigaraki in a bind. As the archvillian himself notes: "I can only steal quirks or bestow them. I can just dispose of one!!" 

AFO Shigaraki's desperate plan to escape Star and Stripe's trap requires him to get hold of one of her surviving "bros" still flying in bombers across the aerial battlefield, and force New Order onto them. However, until he completes that goal, the altered version of New Order is eating away at the quirks All For One compiled over the years, effectively destroying them. We get confirmation from the villain that his "Reflect" quirk is already gone; even if he pulls off the plan to dump New Order, how many quirks will he have left after that? And if AFO Shigaraki can't use one of Star and Stripe's bros as his power dumpster, will New Order eat away every single other quirk the villain has, including Tomura's signature disintegration? And just how big of a threat would AFO Shigaraki still be, if New Order is the only power he ends up with? 

Clearly, My Hero Academia creator Kohei Horikoshi is leveling the playing field in terms of the power differential between AFO Shigaraki and Izuku Midoirya. Just in time, too: Fans were getting a bit worked up that AFO Shigaraki was so (over)powered in his enhanced form that Deku didn't stand a conceivable chance. 

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