Naruto Hints At Kawaki's Chunin Exam Entrance With New Preview

The anime story of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is taking a break from following the manga's story as its source material as Team 7 enters into the Chunin Exam, though one of the newest members of the former trio has been absent, until now. Kawaki has seen some big changes since the battle against Jigen came to a close, losing the ability to rely on the power of Karma now that he is no longer a vessel and Isshiki is pushing up daisies, and the latest preview image for the next installment of the anime might hint at his Chunin Exam arrival.

The Chunin Exams have been a long tradition not only in the Hidden Leaf Village but in the ninja world as a whole, with the original tests in the first Naruto series introducing us to the likes of Gaara, Rock Lee, and a number of other heavy hitters of the Shonen exam. With this new anime-only story in Boruto introducing us to new ninjas, it will be interesting to see if any of these warriors are able to make the leap from the television series to the manga in the future. With Team 7 already entering into the Exams, Kawaki's role is anyone's guess but would certainly shake up the proceedings.

Twitter User Abdul_S17 shared a new image from episode 222 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations that sees a groggy Kawaki descending the stairs, who would be a big gain for Team 7 even without the former Vessel no longer being able to rely on the mysterious energy known as Karma:

Currently, the manga is continuing to march forward with the battle against the Kara Organization as Jigen's protege, Code, is putting together a new band of rogue ninjas to get revenge for the loss of his master. With both Boruto and Kawaki battling against the new head of Kara, it seems that Konoha has just as much to worry about as it did when Isshiki was among the land of the living. Though it might be some time before the anime once again dives into the events of the manga, the Chunin Exams will be an interesting new addition to the lore of the sequel series.

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