One Piece Cliffhanger Kickstarts Luffy vs. Kizaru Rematch

One Piece Chapter 1091 kicks off the big rematch between Luffy and Admiral Kizaru!

One Piece's manga has reached the major fights of the Future Island arc as the World Government has made their move on Dr. Vegapunk's laboratory on Egghead, and the final moments from the newest chapter of the series has kicked off the highly anticipated rematch between the Emperor of the Seas Luffy and Admiral Kizaru! Kizaru is still one of the major Admirals fans were hoping to see Luffy cross paths with soon enough as he left a massive black mark on the Straw Hat crew during the events of the Sabaody Archipelago arc, and now it seems fans will finally get their chance. 

Kizaru was seen leading the marine forces sent to wipe out Dr. Vegapunk's laboratory on Egghead now that he's starting to investigate the missing history of the Void Century, but the Admiral had waited to make his move on the island until he was directly ordered to because of his past with Sentomaru. But now that he's begun his attack in the latest chapters, Luffy has rushed in and is now facing off against the Admiral now much stronger than he was when he first faced him years before in their first encounter. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

One Piece Chapter 1091: Luffy vs. Kizaru Fight Begins

One Piece Chapter 1091 sees Kizaru taking out Sentomaru shortly after their fight first began and take over the Pacifistas to get the weapons back on the marines' sides. Using his light based abilities to quickly get through the barrier around Vegapunk's laboratory keeping Luffy and the others safe, he's been ordered to keep Punk Records, the Power Plant and York safe while eliminating Dr. Vegapunk. To help the others get away, Luffy then charges in and hits Kizaru with a Haki enhanced kick. 

Luffy's confident that the fight against the Admiral will go much differently than it did the first time they fought two years ago, and it is true that he's gotten plenty stronger in the fights he's taken on since. He's unlocked powerful new forms, become a full Emperor of the Sea, and has taken his mastery of various Haki abilities to new levels in the New World. But now we'll see just how strong he is thanks to the real test against Kizaru. 

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